Bathroom Savoir Vivre

“… an anti-movement is expressed, which in some approaching will abate this accomplished nihilism”

Friedrich Nietzsche

A appropriate archetype of nihilism, I anticipate it is the afterward admission that I apprehend in the actual absorbing book of Jean-Claude Michea.

“On June 12, 2012, the Swedish Larboard Affair (which has 22 MPs in the Swedish parliament) filed a bill adjoin the bounded board of Sodermanland County through its bounded star, Vigo Hansen, aiming at banning in all “individuals of the macho sex”, to defecate upright. The actuality – absolutely absurd in the 21st aeon – that there is not yet Swedish law that can actuate a way of urinating that can assuredly be the aforementioned for all is, in actuality – in the eyes of the affair of the acute larboard – a atrocious and ideologically unacceptable bigotry (and consequently, the abandoned autonomous way of urinating could not, of course, be the one that is activated by the macho model) “.

This activity of the Swedish larboard is in the ambience of political correctness. In agreement of gender, this is advised to be a amusing category, i.e., it is shaped by the amusing ambience and therefore, can be afflicted after however, accepting absolutely authentic what is macho gender and what is female. In the appearance of the Swedish left, the anatomical aberration and its action are ignored, as in the archetype of macho urination, which is anticipation to be able to change it by law (!). Obviously this is a actual big brainy confusion.

Generally, angle on gender, relationships, animal preferences, civic identity, history, language, adoration acquire been congenital into abandoned rights. In added words, the abandoned can acquire what she or he is, ignoring, any amusing ambience which is by analogue suppressive (even if it is not) and as such acquire to change even with the use of legislation, admitting the will of humans concerned.

Interesting and dangerous, however, is that all of these focus abandoned on the individual, behindhand the individual’s accord with the community, appropriately eliminating any abstraction of collectivity. Therefore, the abracadabra of abandoned rights absolutely obeys the article of bread-and-butter commercialism in which aggregate is bought and awash for the account of the achievement of the abandoned alone.

It is aswell arresting that defenders of abandoned rights do not avert basal animal rights such as the appropriate to plan and appropriate living.

They do not accuse the complete pauperization of the agent in the alive environment, underpaid or no paid work, cerebral and concrete aggravation (which can aswell be acquired by women to women and not abandoned by men), abode accidents, poor ergonomics, bad transports that force abounding workers to absorb added than two hours a day to go to plan with all after-effects that this altercation can acquire on their claimed and brainy bloom and so on.

They still abutment the massive clearing of absolute populations for award plan because they do not wish to adjudge the abortion of advanced bread-and-butter action and which back it has failed, it has to change. However, they do not do it because they accede bread-and-butter commercialism one way or some of them apprehend commercialism to abatement as a complete fruit. It is a rather theocratic appearance of the economy, actual alarming if not artlessly naive.

It is aswell arresting that while acknowledging abandoned rights and diversity, they do not abutment abandoned value. They all acquire to be the aforementioned and not according because, as mentioned before, according presupposes a abolitionist change of the bread-and-butter archetypal which is not allotment of their absorption agenda.

Being the aforementioned is appropriate of rather aspersing and absolute ideologies. This leveling ignores the actuality that all humans are acceptable at something and it is not necessary, but it would not be absorbing as able-bodied if we all are acceptable on the aforementioned subject, auspiciously we acquire not become humanoids yet.

If someone, for example, is accomplished in Physics, it does not beggarly that addition one who does not like Physics should feel disadvantaged. On the contrary, s/he can be acceptable e.g. in Literature. As psychologists say, we acquire to strengthen our acceptable elements and not about-face negatives into positives. It is bigger to become an able in Literature area she or he is absorbed rather than in annihilation else. It is aswell bright that both charge to acquire according opportunities and from these to be able to select.

By banishment humans to become the same, we do not acquire the assortment of animal nature.

Diversity,for the advocates of abandoned rights is admired for assertive minorities and not for the accomplished as eg. people. For example, we acquire to account the assortment of homosexuals based on their animal preference. But how abounding homosexuals wish to be admired for their animal preferences and not for their skills? A homosexual can plan as an accountant and wish to be admired as a acceptable accountant and not as a homosexual. It is abiding that his audience acquire called him for his ability as an accountant and not for his animal preference. It is not accidental, therefore, that abounding homosexuals acquire reacted to the leveling admission of abandoned rights that seems to be fundamentally racist, in adverse to what they affirmation with aural and sometimes agitated way.

Individual rights defenders aswell abutment the rights of women apparent by an appropriately odd viewpoint. First of all, women are not a boyhood but bisected of the world’s population. Ranking them in “minority” frames is a bourgeois approach. Abnormally abroad, the defenders of abandoned rights abutment an acute feminism, axis adjoin the white man as the capital adumbrative of patriarchy and the could cause of about all suffering, for archetype colonialism, etc.

Patriarchy, of course, with the backbreaking anatomy of women of the accomplished centuries, does not exist, but the abuse of women exists and is not the aftereffect of the ascendancy of males but of the sociopolitical-economic system.

The ambiguous advertence to patriarchy does not cover issues such as lower accomplishment for women, worse jobs, abridgement of kindergartens and schools, anticlimax of calm plan and the affliction of aged associates as unpaid, and therefore, as non-existing etc.

There is aswell no advertence to the disadvantaged position of women in developing countries area abounding women do not acquire admission to education, they are accountable to clitoridectomy, area the aboriginal adumbration of non-compliance with religious law is amiss by stoning, etc. and amenable for these accomplishments is not the white man.

The irony is that, abnormally in the closing case, the aristocratic and adequate westerners affirmation that women themselves acquire to get the bearings in their hands, appropriately proving the complete abridgement of compassionate of the amusing ambiance of these countries.

This affair needs added assay and I am traveling to burrow added into it in a newer text. However, the anxiety alarm sounds. Humanity is in a affective swamp, ethics are lost. The catechism is whether it will achieve its ethics and escape from abnegation or it will abandonment to the action of death.

– domestic characteristics